How to contact you?
Please contact me over sabine.wieluch@layer8.design

How long does shipping take?
Every item in the shop is in stock and will ship in 1-2 work days. Shipping times differ depending on your destination.
Germany: 1-2 days
EU: 2-5 days
Other: 2-4 weeks

How does refunding work?
If you don’t like a product, please contact me and we will figure the best refunding practice out together. Either I will exchange your product or will refund money. Refunding is possible until 14 days after package arrival.

What is Generative Art?
Generative Art refers to art that is created with the help of a autonomous system. In most cases the artist writes a small computer programm to generate images. In most art pieces it is important to find the balance between random values and a too deterministic algorithm.

Where do your fabrics come from?
My fabrics are printed at spoonflower.

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